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+ #1 What is a Springerdoodle or Sproodle?

 I can only speak for my breeding program. My Springerdoodles (also known as Sproodles) are a cross between an English Springer Spaniel and a  Moyen (medium sized) Poodle. Both the Springer Spaniels and the Moyen Poodles are intelligent, obedient, loving, medium-sized dogs My focus is on raising puppies of exceptional health and temperament as well as flashy coat color variations.  



+ #2 How big do they get?

My Springerdoodles average 30-40 lbs and 17” at the shoulder; my goal is to raise a Springer Spaniel sized Doodle.



+ #3 Are they good with children and other pets?

Yes! We work hard to socialize and introduce your puppy to many children, pets and new environments before they leave our home for yours. Children must be taught to be kind and gentle with a new puppy, but also be firm to avoid bad habits. Our puppies do well with cats and other pets as well.



+ #4 Do they shed, are they hypoallergenic?

Springerdoodles are very low to no shed. Most people who have dog allergies do exceptionally well with Springerdoodles. Unfortunately, some people who have severe allergies to dogs or their saliva may still react to any dog regardless of their coat. If possible I am happy to arrange a pet and play “test run “ prior to placing a deposit or committing to your puppy.


+ #5 how do I care for my Sproodles coat?

Frequent brushing and bathing are required when your dog is dirty or smelly. Because their ears are so long, you should be careful to keep them clean and dry since yeast infections can be an issue. A haircut will be necessary about four times a year, either by a professional groomer or DIY via Youtube and Amazon.com How you want your Sproodle groomed is a personal preference. and the options are endless


+ #6 What is the adoption process and how much does it cost?

Our puppies are $2800, all colors, male or female

I accept deposits on puppies after we have  completed a phone interview and a commitment has been made to wait for one of our puppies.  We also send  announcements through our website’s puppy announcement group letting you know about available puppies and planned litters. Sign up with your email to get the latest.  I also post photos and birth announcements on our Just Doodling facebook page.


I begin taking deposits as soon as puppies are posted. A $250.00 deposit holds your spot. The balance is due a week before pick up if you are paying by check, or you may pay cash at pick up. When you are ready to add a puppy to your family, call me for deposit information. I am uncomfortable with a 100% online transaction and am more than willing to talk by phone. I look forward to meeting you 612-501-2554



+ #7 What vet care will my puppy get before coming home, and is there a health guarantee?

Your puppy will have all age appropriate vaccinations, dewormings, and at least 1 vet exam before leaving our home. He/She will also have a docked tail and dew claws removed. If traveling, appropriate health certificates will be issued by our veterinarian.

We provide a 1-year guarantee against major life-altering genetic conditions, determined by your veterinarian, We require you to contact us immediately when the issue is discovered and a written report be provided to us and our veterinarian for review. If such an issue would arise, we offer a replacement puppy as soon as one is available.  


+ #8 Can we visit? And do you ship your puppies?

Yes. I schedule one open house per litter at about 6 weeks of age. This is a meet and greets opportunity for you to visit your puppy. If you live too far to visit, I am happy to schedule video calls. I have a large busy family and a scheduled play day is the best way for us to maintain order, and limit exposure of these little babies to the outside world at an early age. We ask that you please do not bring other pets to the meet and greet or to your puppy pick up.


I do ship. We use various methods, depending on your individual circumstances, including the Airlines.



+ #9 What food is my puppy eating, and what comes home with my new puppy?

We feed Nutri Source puppy food,  I will send a sample home with you so you can easily transition to the food of your choice. We provide vet records and health information. Your puppy will also go home with some favorite toys, a blanket, its first collar and leash and whatever other seasonal goodies I may want to include.




+ #10  What is The Just Doodling Puppy Reunion and playday?

This year’s reunion is scheduled for Sunday, September 13th, 2020 at the Carver County off-leash dog park in Victoria Mn. 1pm to 3pm This fun event brings together past Just Doodling puppies and their families to romp and play and share stories and experiences with other Spoodle owners. It is also a wonderful time for would-be owners to meet some adult Springerdoodles and see for themselves why we believe Springerdoodles are the Best Doodles Ever! 


 2020 Reunion and playday is cancelled due to Covid and Social distance Rules.


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