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Sproodles are a cross between an English Springer Spaniel and a Moyen (medium) Poodle. Both the Springer Spaniels and the Moyen Poodle are intelligent, obedient, loving, medium-sized dogs.


My focus is on raising puppies of exceptional health and temperament. Springerdoodles are known for their sweet and playful disposition. Also, their softly curling low-to-no shed coat. Their huggable coat comes in many color variations.


Springerdoodles like to follow their family everywhere, and each one has an insatiable love for life and are very trainable. They love water and can be an eager bird dog.


They are well suited for many working tasks including as a family pet, detection work, emotional support dogs, care center and hospital visits, obedience, and agility.

All in all, these Sproodle puppies are intelligent, inquisitive, quick to learn, very loyal and make excellent companions.

Just Doodling 2018 

Just Doodling 2018 

Just Doodling 2018 



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Mcleod County, Mn


Please email or call for appointment & directions 

612-501-2554 or 320-395-4273

Puppies are Here!! 

 What is the adoption process and how much does it cost?
Our puppies are $1800, all colors, male or female

. If you are interested in a puppy, once they have arrived we send an announcement through our website’s puppy announcement group. Sign up with your email to get the latest. I will begin taking deposits on all of my spring litters once the first birth announcement is made. Because of the Covid 19 SITUATION preference will be given to those able to pick up their puppies.


I will do my best to accomidate those who live farther, or need to travel. We will try to deliver or meet families when possible.


Rainy and Gus- april 12th

Puppy meet and greet 5/30th & 31st

from1-4 pm

Puppies can go home the weekend of June13th


Raya female-Dan and Sue Bolger

Ryker, Male-Nikki Dolvig

Rosie, female- woody&Cindy

Ryder, male-Chase Wichelmann

Rylee, female-Loise Kelly

Rocco, male- Sam Ecker

Agate and Gus April 17th

2 girls, 4 boys

Puppy meet and greet 5/30th &31st

from1-4 pm

Puppies can go home the weekend of June13th


Asher, male- Mark Nistler 

Ace, male-Cerrissa Gile

Agustus, male- Samantha 

Alli, fe,male-Chris Burrows

April, female-Timothy Kantor

Axl, male-Amanda Johnson

River and Marshal

May 2nd

Puppy meet and greet

June 14th 1-4 pm

Pick up date June 27th


#1 Dell- Lisa Leutum F 

 #2 Linley- Kaaren Dahl

#3 Eliza- Elizabeth Smith

#4 Alton-  Lisa Corrigan M 

#5 Luca- Sarah Crimmins

#6 Leland-BJ Gilmoore

#7  Lena-Sarah Peterson

#8Josie -Mike Aylward 

#9 Nash- selected

Mini and Ely

Mid May

Puppy meet and greet

June 21st 1-4

Puppy pick up

4th of July weekend


#1 Britta- Alyce Hanson F

#2 Tilda- Myra Middendorf

#3 Torger- Wendy Mathison

#4 Herman  Abby and Andrew Niewsma

#5 Arvid Renee Schimmel

#6 Otto Jim and Gretchen

#7 Homer Cecillia Phillips

#8 Linwood Kaitlin Tarala


Christine Mia and Daisy

Samantha and Denali

Toni and Dash

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Just Doodling 2018