Litter updates

Early fall 2021 Puppies have been born!!

If you are interested in a puppy call Me.

Once puppies are born, we will send an announcement through our website’s puppy announcement group. Sign up with your email to get the latest. If you are ready to commit to a puppy fill out the form below or call me directly at (612) 501 2554. I will begin taking deposits on upcoming litters after a successful mating, so on occasion puppies are spoken for as soon as they are born.

What is the adoption process and how much does it cost?

Contact me to chat about what you are looking for in a dog, your timeframe, and any other vital information. Once the puppies are born, they are usually ready to be picked up 8 weeks later. I provide personal one on one service to help you get the right springerdoodle for you and your family.


Our puppies are $2800, all colors, male or female. (Cost includes MN sales tax)

Puppy Delivery-

Although most airlines are still limited in puppy delivery. We are back to traveling with our puppies, we will do our best to accommodate the delivery of your puppy.

With patience and careful planning, we can often drive your puppy to you, or meet you at the Minneapolis airport if you should choose to travel. We also have a network of family and friends that help out as needed, Another option  is the use of  a flight nanny. Prices of delivery depend on the option chosen.

Current litters

Born : 7-14- 2021

Piper & Marshal

Piper And Marshal. have I female available,she will be medium-sized (35lbs) when fully grown with beautiful brown tri-color and wh ite tri-color puppies. Choose your puppy today for a late September go home date.



Born : July 15, 2021

Millie and Ely

Millie had  beautiful F1 Sproodles. The litter was sired by Ely. The puppies will be medium-sized (35lbs) when fully grown. This litter includes Sable variations, liver and white, and black and white classic Springer markings. choose your puppy today and bring it home late September.


  1. Fern-female

  2. Jora-female

  3. Sienna-female

  4. Scarlet-female

  5. Rory-male

Born : July 22, 2021

Savanna & Guthrie's puppies 

Savanna had  beautiful F1 Sproodles. The litter was sired by Guthrie. The puppies will be medium-sized (35lbs) when fully grown with merle coloring, and variations of browns and black, 


  1. Pansy-female-Available
  2. Rose- female-Available

  3. Poppy - male-Poppy