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Samantha & Denali

Christine Mia & Daisy

Tonye & Dash

testimonial - boll.jpeg

Luna is 2 years old, honestly I have never had a better dog. We have three kids and she is incredible with all ages. She is smart, easy to train, and LOVES with all her heart. Just Doodling was great to work with, answered questions, and the sproodle reunion this summer was so much fun! A few logistics, no shedding, drool, or other messes. Again if your looking for a loving, smart, and BEAUTIFUL dog get a Sproodle.

~ Heather

testimonial - harmon.jpeg

Gus. Gus-a-roo, floppy McGee, Gus-love. All are words for pure love! Smart, sweet, funny and just plain lovable. Just Doodling helped us pick temperament and worked to be sure he was safe in transit. There for shot and health questions. It has been an absolute pleasure to have a Just Doodling pup!!

~ Relene

testimonial - krueger.jpeg

Tipper is the love of our lives, fun, lovable, soft, loves water, hoses, and kiddie pool. Loves to greet every dog or kid he sees. We haven't quite mastered the No Jump command but everyone is usually reaching out to pet him! He does have a loud bark and alerts to doorbells - even those on TV!

~ Cathy

testimonial - anderson.jpg

Our little Lily is growing up so fast. We absolutely love her.

~ Carol Jean

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