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Adding a new puppy to your family can be overwhelming; challenging at times, but worth it a million times over in the end. As you do your research into what to feed your pup, how to keep it entertained and groomed, along with starting the training process, I have compiled a few of my recommendations that I hope will help.

Grandma Sandy's Puppy Bootcamp

Just Doodling is pleased to offer a training program as a solution for the challenges you may be having with your puppy's behavior. We call it Grandma Sandy's Puppy Bootcamp, where you submit your darling into the loving, capable hands of Grandma Sandy for a two-week tuneup. However, all of our Springerdoodles have been so smart and trainable that they are ready to return home in ten days.

Sandy specializes in unruly youngsters between the ages of twelve weeks and twelve months, with some exceptions. She prayerfully considers each pup's individual needs and dispositions to adapt training to their household routine. Her furry students quickly learn to seek "good" behaviors in a way they understand. Their first lesson consists of NOT jumping up on people!

Your puppy will be well-started on basic commands - come, sit, wait, lay down, stay, and kennel. Respect, patience, and self control are stressed to keep your puppy safer by stopping door dashing and teaching good car riding manners. Leash training is also one of Sandy's specialties. Her aim is to stop pulling, walk attentively at heel, and control themselves when confronted with all kinds of distractions.

Although potty training remains your responsibility, progress in that area often comes naturally with increased respect and obedience.

Sandy will spend time with you on pickup to share the techniques and commands she has been using and help you establish your role as beloved leader. Depending on your dog's ability and energy needs, you may even be surprised by a couple extra tricks to show off! Remember, more commands and tricks you can go through daily, the more open and active his little doggie brain will be.

Our program provides the basis for structure, routine, and purpose that helps your puppy make more sense of the world around them. Grandma Sandy's current price is $300 for the ten day to two week program.

Advanced & off-leash training

Leah's boarding and training facility is a top quality kennel. We offer a personalized training experience indoors and outdoors. Leah has more than 20 years of experience and mentored under some of the best trainers in Minnesota.

To ensure better quality and more time to train and play with your pups, the kennel is kept small. All of our guests get to experience exercise daily with highlighting on their learning abilities along with a bath before going home (so they don't bring the full smells back 😊).

Give us a call for more information (651.829.0551), or shoot us an email at

Not local to MN? Look no further. Check out BAXTER & Bella's online training program


Just Doodlings food-of-choice is the Minnesota family owned dog food company, NutriSource.

NutriSource utilizes quality ingredients and supplements when creating the highest-quality food for your beloved pets. Their #1 priority is "delivering the safest, most nutritious and flavorful pet foods possible." Additionally, NurtiSource's proprietary Good 4 Life supplements support your pup's digestive and gut health, nutrient utilization, cognitive health and brain function, and skin and coat.


Pet insurance

Have peace of mind when bringing home your new puppy. Just Doodling has partnered with Trupanion to provide you with coverage for the first 30 days after you pick up your sproodle.


What you will receive:

  • 30 days of coverage with no upfront payments

  • Immediate coverage, no waiting period

  • $250 deductible, 90% coverage and no payout limits 

  • Coverage for new unexpected injuries or illnesses  

*Terms and conditions apply. This offer excludes NY and FL.

Need some swag?

We all need swag in our lives and why not Just Doodling swag!!

I have partnered with a very talented artist who has produced wonderful items such as stickers, sweatshirts, bags, mugs, and SO MUCH MORE!

justDoodlingSwag copy.jpg

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